MOR Strategy Group leads, designs and delivers innovative, high impact solutions to employers seeking to strengthen their EMPLOYER VALUE PROPOSITION while creating financial relief from the ever increasing cost of their healthcare benefits and human capital.

Need relief from increasing healthcare benefit costs?

MOR Strategy Group can help. Relief is just one click away!

Why Choose MOR Strategy Group?


With a distinctive expertise in benefits, specifically health care, we successfully tackle the second or third largest cost to U.S. businesses.


With strategies that address recruitment, retention, total rewards and optimized engagement, we are recognized as key architects who lead our clients to the place we call MOR!

Solutions = Results

We proudly build solutions using tools such as our Triple Tax Strategy that stabilize cost, engage and delight employers AND their employees, relieve administrative/financial burden and create MOR for all we serve!

What Others Say About Us

I never get complaints about MOR Strategy Group or the GetMOR plan, so that is a great endorsement in itself.  I wish we were as lucky!

Plan Administrator
Schanock Investment Company
Kelly W.
THANKS!!!!!  You guys are rock stars for being able to track down all of the information and all at Mach 5 speed!

Assistant Controller
N & M Transfer Co., Inc.
Cheryl T.
Your team is always so amazing with Customer Service.  Thank you so much for helping me on this one!

N&M Transfer

Jennine W.